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Consultancy & Auditing

Consultancy and Auditing

Outsourcing at your command.

Business Analysis

Take advantage of BCS standard Business Analysis Conslting for process analysis & modelling, structured business advice, gap analysis' & other business analysis services.


Take advantage of structured bespoke documented advice on our speciality areas such as Social Media Performance, Web Design Performance, Branding Consistency & SEO.

General Outsourcing

Take advantage of preferential pricing when you consistently outsource any of our services allowing you to scale up short term staffing at busy periods for your business, without the hefty recruitment costs.
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Outsource short or long term any of these services.

  • Web Performance Auditing

  • SEO Auditing

  • Social Media Management

  • Blog Management

  • Business Analysis

  • Process Improvement

  • Video Editing

  • Technical Training

  • AI Training

  • Process Mapping


Consultancy Questions Answered

How long can we outsource to you for?

MEEDEA is able to work as a staffing agency, meaning dependent on your requirements we may use our pool of specialists to continue providing a consistent level of service should your requirements scale in size. However, as a general rule we do not have a time limit on outsourcing. Please be aware we do reserve the right to refuse if we do not believe we are a suitable fit, for the benefit of both parties.

What is the benefit of outsourcing my Social Media?

Social Media Marketing, Video Editing, Content Writing and Graphic Design can demand more resources over time for your business and at times can only be at peak periods. On average, hiring can cost businesses thousands on recruitment costs, however at our competitive price, we can be here on demand to be that helping hand when things get busy, allowing you to focus on delivering your products/services.

How can we ensure safety of our Intellectual Property?

At MEEDEA we are able to create NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) or sign Business NDAs where required, meaning any of our staff or contractors working with us are subject to these business secrets. We are proud of our strong IT knowledge and adhere to all cyber security standard protocols. This is something that MEEDEA takes great proud of being able to report that we have never had a security breach or a data breach of any form due to carelessness or sabotage, thanks to our amazing team.

Can we hire your team at short notice?

Yes! Absolutely! If you are finding things tough due to an extreme period and need any of our digital skills we are here on hand to help where possible. Please feel free to take advantage of our live chat, phone or social media and know that we are just a message or call away, on hand, to help you.

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